Monday 27 April 2020

BERGCAST Ghost Stories, Episode 1 – The Austringer (1969)

It's fair to say that of that period of British TV history that is largely lost, the 1969 play The Austringer, a story of two city folk who fall foul of a lonely rural pagan, is one of the things that is the most lost. It is likely that although a film copy was made for overseas sale, The Austringer is gone forever. But as is the case with any lost television, can we be certain?

It wasn't as far we know anything to do with Nigel Kneale, so maybe it's outside of our remit, but the way in which these things are lost (and sometimes discovered) is of great interest to us. They are the ghosts of television.

In this, the first of a series of specials, the Man in Black introduces the story of a discovery. Of a televisual ghost.