Wednesday 28 September 2022

Episode 33 – Kinvig, feat. Gemma Arrowsmith

It had to happen. It's time for us to deal with the One Nigel Kneale Thing We Don't Particularly Like: Kinvig.

Joining us is comedy writer and performer Gemma Arrowsmith, whose new show Gemma Arrowsmith's Sketched Out has just dropped on BBC Radio 4, and we talk about why the live studio audience is going to find it funnier than we do at home, the wild transformation of situation comedy in the 1980s, and whether sci-fi nerds really have that much of a crossover with UFO fans.

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Monday 15 August 2022

Episode 32 – Back to the Woman in Black, feat. Pauline Moran

In this episode, we have the Woman in Black herself, Pauline Moran, who although unwell at the time, graciously agreed to talk to us about her career in rock music, Mike Leigh, clingfilm, auditioning for a role with no lines, and the shocking failure of the media industry to supply decent roles for older women in acting.

Oh, and yeah, did you know there was an Australian adaptation of The Quatermass Experiment? No? Neither did we. A word about that in the preamble.


Tuesday 12 July 2022

Episode 31 – Bringing Back Tomato Cain

This month sees the publication of Tomato Cain and Other Stories, Nigel Kneale’s award winning short story collection, first published in 1949.

Joining Jon in this episode is Kneale biographer Andy Murray, who’s been the driving force in getting this book back in print for the first time since the early 1960s. Andy talks about how the opportunity arose, why you’ll find more than just the stories from the original edition here, and what you can expect from this eclectic collection (spoiler free of course), that sees the formative Kneale shaping the ideas and styles that would make him one of the more important screenwriters of the 20th century.

You can order Tomato Cain and Other Stories from Comma Press here.

Friday 1 April 2022

Episode 30 – Restoring Nigel Kneale at the BFI

In this episode of BERGCAST, we're joined by Dick Fiddy, Vic Pratt and Douglas Weir of the British Film Institute to talk about restoring and re-packaging Kneale's work for the centenary year, why archive TV matters, what's happening at the BFI this month and the upcoming release of the restored version of the BBC adaptation of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nineteen Eighty-Four will be released on 11th April. Pre-order it here

If you're lucky enough to be able to get to London, you can book tickets for the Nigel Kneale season at the BFI this month here. And you can find out about the April 23rd Centenary day at Picturehouse Crouch End here.

Monday 14 February 2022

Episode 29 – The Nigel Kneale Century

Still from The Quatermass Experiment
Contact is established!

It's what they call in media a Very Special Episode, because the BERGCAST team is celebrating the 2022 centenary of Nigel Kneale's birth. We're joined by friends of BERGCAST Andy Murray, Toby Hadoke (and also Toby's dog Bernard) to talk about only some of the things that have happened and will happen very soon to mark that.

The Nigel Kneale Centenary Celebration will be held at the Crouch End Picturehouse on April 23rd. You can find a full rundown of what's going on at, or cut out the middlehuman and just buy your ticket here – but be quick, they're selling steadily. 

Jane Asher (from The Stone Tape)
Did we mention Jane Asher will be there?

Toby's 7th Dimension special will air on Radio 4 Extra in the week running up to that – why not bookmark the schedules so you don't miss it? 

And you can pre-order your copy of Tomato Cain and Other Stories at the Comma Press site right now.

Oh, and let's not forget that we'll be posting frequent updates on our Twitter feed – follow us on @BERGCASTCalling.